Do you live in Melbourne and think you need the services of a forensic accountant? Have you recently separated from a business partner or spouse?

Perhaps you fear an employee is stealing from the business or just need some advice about your forensic accounting inquiry.

Did you know that the word ‘Forensic’ means using methods of investigation that are suitable for use in a court of law and that Forensic Accountants Melbourne regularly work across all aspects of forensic accounting?

For civil matters this often means Forensic Accountants Melbourne:

Calculate and quantify loss and damage
Work with disagreements in respect to company acquisitions
Handle professional negligence claims
In the Family Court, Forensic Accountants Melbourne are able to ascertain the family income past and present, to determine issues including, but not limited to, spousal and child support and the equitable distribution of assets.

For criminal matters Forensic Accountants Melbourne typically, but not always, focus on the crime of Fraud. In particular, they assess the accounting system where a crime took place in order to establish if the system reflects reality. Therefore, Forensic Accountants may recover or confiscate the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

If you think you may need the services of Forensic Accountants Melbourne, please call us today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Forensic Accountants Melbourne utilise a combination of expertise in areas such as:

  • Business, finance and accounting; their systems and procedures
  • Auditing, evidence and investigation; techniques and litigation processes

Forensic Accountants Melbourne are highly skilled and experienced and are here to help you with your civil, family or criminal requirements, after an event has occurred.

However, moving forward,Forensic Accountants Melbourne, powered by Insolvency Guardian, are also playing a more proactive role, before the event occurs, by:

  • Designing and performing procedures in accordance with the statutory audit
  • Acting as advisers to audit committees
  • Participating in fraud deterrence engagements
  • Assisting with investment analyst research

If you live in Melbourne and think you may need the services of a forensic accountant, please call us today to arrange your free initial consultation.

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